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WAV Process Engineering GmbH is one of the most experienced Austrian, international acting Engineering companies in the field of Water Technology for Communities and Industries as well for Industrial Waste Water Treatment.

The fresh water resources become increasingly short in supply and require our full attention in terms of thrifty usage of that elixir of life.

In the face of growing colonization in cities and the related, even more intense usage of flowing water as drinking water, process water for industries, requires intelligent solution concepts for design of treatment systems. As well, the waste water treatment and its reuse shall be considered carefully.

Only like that, we, as well our children and grandchildren can enjoy the valuable asset water.

On basis of our long-term experience, our company provides professional support in planning- and at the project implementation.

We do planning of custom-made processes according to your needs, for an efficient and sustainable utilization of the available Water Resources.

We provide a comprehensive supply program of components, compartments, plants but also consumables like chemicals, etc..

Personal advice in the design of ecologic but also economic concepts is our strength.

We take care promptly about your questions, inquiries and process orders on time.

We are able to meet the great, but also the small demands of our customers.


In case of questions please feel free to contact us.



WAV Process Engineering GmbH
Fraunhoferweg 6a
4030 Linz / AUSTRIA

+43 (0)732 23 23 65

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