WAV Process Engineering GmbH is a quality-conscious and customer-oriented service provider, and is specialized in finding solutions for and together with his customers.

Our target is to provide for our customers a convenience as big as possible.

In cooperation with our customers, we want to discuss the targets of the planned project, to introduce and implement our services to match the target as close as possible.

Thereby we want to call attention as well to sustainability of the quoted products and services, but also for a long-term cooperation and its advantages.

Always our customers and their requirements are in our focus and we do our best, with maximum input, utmost care, punctuality, reliability, extensive expertise, Flexibility and under consideration of the economic aspects, to fulfil.

The highest good in a business relationship are the satisfaction of our customers, our partners, and the satisfaction of our colleagues.


WAV Process Engineering GmbH
Fraunhoferweg 6a
4030 Linz / AUSTRIA

+43 (0)732 23 23 65

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