Object of the Company:

We do planning and delivery of Water-/ Industrial Water-/ and Industrial Waste Water Treatment Systems or their parts and equipment, support in the Commissioning and pay attention therefore for a frictionless Operation of the System. To comply with the requirement of our customers sustainable, it must be our target to generate profit, which we invest again for the good of our clients, but also for the good of our Colleagues and to develop our company and facilitate Innovative Solutions in Future.

Guiding Theme:

Focus of our thinking and acting is, as an Austrian company, to generate for our customers a maximum of advantage and competitiveness. Simultaneously we want to work hard for the trust, being respected as reliable, qualified and innovative partner.

Cooperation and Confidence:

WAV intends with customers, sub-suppliers and colleagues jointly, to succeed in a long-term cooperation. Thus forms Confidence, which helps for better understanding of the targets of the partners and to adjust subsequently our strategy.

Trust has been placed in us shall stabilize the partnership with our customers effectively. Our customers shall have the security, to rely on us as a loyal partner. With our performance, we will confirm the trust placed in us.


The Quality delivered is characterizing us. It is an essential element of our acceptance on the market. We are working hard in order to improve our principals and structures by attending trainings regularly.


We adapt ourselves to changing conditions, ready to compromises and quickly. When searching solutions, we, by conscious acting and active creating, never will lose sight on the target defined by the customer and the economical- /technical feasibility.


Our motivation shall be the enjoyment on the tasks, set by the customer, and their solution, involving our expertise. The satisfaction of the customer shall enhance this motivation even more.


To develop our company in all aspects to the convenience of our customers, our target is to work for a steady growth.


We will reply on queries from our customers within 24 hours. Therefore, we provide the customer that their concern was received by us

Valence of our Action:

The works and duties performed by our colleagues and the acquired solutions shall constitute an added value. This we will try to communicate tirelessly.


WAV Process Engineering GmbH
Fraunhoferweg 6a
4030 Linz / AUSTRIA

+43 (0)732 23 23 65

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