custom - made Pilot  Plants  for  different  applications  in  water- and  waste  water  treatment

Many applications in the field of water and wastewater treatment are designed based on theoretical or non-available data. In such cases the right process, working results, efficiency, operational costs, etc. of a scale-up plant are known too late and a modification of the system, achieving satisfactory technical / commercial results, will cause unforeseeable extra costs and may delay the efficient start-up and consequently the usage of product water or delay the start of a production process. Furthermore, the modifications can cause delays in commissioning and plant handing over schedule and consequently a delay in water production.

This circumstance often is underestimated in case of pre-treatment of different raw waters from variegated raw water sources. An insufficient and short sight-estimated pre-treatment can be even more harmful for smooth operation of the heart of the plant.

It is the diversity of different raw water sources and environmental conditions, and thus the combination of various treatment processes which finally then just make a pilot plant sensible.

In order to counter the problems mentioned in preparation and / or main processing in good time, it is recommendable from a certain plant size, to develop a pilot plant.

The data and values ​​obtained from the use of a pilot plant, can then be incorporated into the scale-up process design and thus a precise engineering of the scale-up system can be carried out.

Because a pilot plant is better operated over a longer period of time, the boundary conditions (fluctuating raw water quality, temperature fluctuations, etc.) are also better defined.

In this way, a system can be planned in the medium term that also accurately considers changing raw water quality and also helps to save costs.

A pilot plant certainly can be modified and reused later - if necessary - and thus used in other similar applications


Advantages of Pilot plants:

Testing the process and treated water quality in a small-scale simulation.

Giving information of the suitability of UF pre-treatment closed to scale-up installation.

Giving results in cases of absence of similar plants in field tests.

Providing the protection of subsequent core treatment steps.

Reducing technical and commercial risks associated with a scale-up installation.

Reduction of spares and consumables

Reduction of operational supplements (e.g. chemicals, etc.).

Providing re-producible figures of performance.

Optimizing of cleaning process frequency.


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